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Upbeat is a bright, innovative, easy-to-use four-level course that reflects the lives and experiences of modern teenagers. Taking a multi-strand approach, Upbeat stimulates learning and broadens students’ horizons through lessons that engage both intellectually and emotionally.

Upbeat recognises that different students have different learning styles. The course offers a wide variety of exercise types to cater for these different approaches to learning. Students who are visual learners will appreciate the colourful character photos and attractive design. Auditory learners will relate to the recorded dialogues and texts in the Students’ Book and the songs in the Motivator.

Upbeat has a clear, straightforward approach to methodology. The course is suitable for a wide range of classroom situations and teaching styles. Teachers will appreciate the easy-to-follow layout, the straightforward signposting and the lively attractive design. The multi-strand syllabus contains a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and communication activities, with comprehensive practice of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The language objective boxes in the Revision sections encourage learner independence.


There are two entry points: a Starter level for complete beginners and Elementary level for students with some
formal knowledge of English. Placement tests help teachers decide which level to choose as the starting point.

Pearson Upbeat Levels



Problem-solving activities, cultural lessons, realistic communication practice. Extra
exercises for fast finishers and those supporting weaker students, and a unique Magic
Bookmark to aid grammar learning.

The Multi-ROM accompanies the Students Book, providing a self-access resource of extra
practice for use at home and at school. Video extracts accompany exercises and students
can check their scores. It also includes audio CD material for Workbook exercises.


The Language Builder can be used in parallel with the Students’ Book in class or set as homework.
It provides different exercises for mixed ability classes, roundup exercises to bring
together all the language taught in the lesson, extra challenge exercises, skills practice,
grammar summaries and practice exercises.

teaching notes and
answers to exercises
Audio scripts
Answer keys
Suggestions for extra activities
Reduced pages from the
Students' Book
Background culture and
linguistic notes
Photocopiable grammar,
vocabulary and communication

TEACHER'S BOOK WITH MULTI-ROM The Teacher's Book shortens lesson preparation time. It includes:

The Multi-ROM contains digital versions of the Test Book, as well as audio material for Test Book skills tests.


The Test Book provides placement
tests, skills test, photocopiable
tests - all in A and B versions -
and speaking activities.


The Motivator provides
photocopiable activities and songs
for stimulating class use. These
include puzzles, roundup activities
for revision, individual and
pairwork activities and teaching


The Interactive Whiteboard Software, a digital version of the Students’ Book,
with audio and video clips, comes with a guide for teachers. Make learning more
engaging and with immediate feedback and repeat playback of recorded


The Class audio CDs contain the
recordings from the Students’
Book dialogues and songs from
the Motivator.


There are two DVDs: one with a drama called Five Days featuring a
group of teenagers who make their own TV programmes.The other
features life in the UK and USA.


Keeping learners engaged and focused is one of the
biggest challanges for teachers working with
teenagers. The intrinsically motivated teenage learner
is generally considered to be a rare species. Are we
helpless in our efforts to engage learners and therefore
achieve better learning outcomes?

The experts and authors of Upbeat (and an upcoming
course by the same authors) have agreed to share with
us practical tips and ideas, and materials you can use in
the classroom.

  • Strengthen your skills with free teacher training videos.
  • Pick up the latest tips from our methodology experts.
  • Use free photocopiable lessons on current topics in your
    classroom now.


Ingrid Freebairn


Ingrid Freebairn is a well-known, highly-respected and very successful Pearson author. Together with Brian Abbs, Ingrid has written many of our most successful best-selling courses, including Sky, Snapshot, Blueprint, Flying Start, Discoveries and Strategies. As well as teaching, teacher-training and writing, Ingrid has also worked as an examiner for The University of Cambridge and an inspector of private language schools for the British Council. In the course of her work, she has travelled widely in Europe, the US and Latin America.


Jonathan Bygrave has worked in the field of ELT since 1992 as a teacher, editor, publisher and author. During that time he has been involved in developing both print and online materials. Jonathan has travelled extensively to research the use of coursebooks in modern classrooms and has been an author on the Sky and Total English courses.

Judy Copage


Judy Copage has been involved in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer and author since 1977 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. She has worked in the UK, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Greece. Her books include FCE Writing and FCE Use of English, Get on Track (with Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer), Wonderland Teacher’s component and The Wonderkids (with Ingrid Freebairn and Sandy Zervas).

Liz Kilbey


Liz Kilbey trained as an ELT teacher in Cambridge, and has taught English to all ages in the UK, Greece, Japan and New Zealand. She became a full time ELT writer ten years ago. Liz has contributed to the authorship of many courses, including Friends, Energy, Challenges and New Sky.



These dictionaries and grammar learning aids are
excellent partners to support students learning
English with Upbeat.


There is a full library classic and contemporary
books that have been adapted for readers at every
level of English and include support materials to
help students learn English. Selected examples for


If you thought learning was confined to the classroom, think again.

We love what we do in English Language Teaching (ELT) at Pearson, because we get to work in lots of different types of classrooms around the world. Every day we look at ways of combining content, assessment, technology and services to help teachers and students across the world teach, learn and practise their English skills, making us, Pearson, the world's leading education company.

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