Test your knowledge of teaching dyslexic students!

Now that you’ve watched all 4 videos, take this short quiz to check how well you
have mastered the points covered in our series of talks. 

Answer 7 or more questions correctly and receive a personalised certificate! Good luck.

  1. What metaphor can be used to describe students with dyslexia?

  2. Which of these statements does NOT refer to dyslexic students?

  3. When reading in a foreign language, students with dyslexia might:

  4. Which of these will NOT help dyslexic students learn better in the classroom?

  5. What can a teacher do to help their dyslexic students learn better?

  6. What doesn’t have to be differentiated with regard to students with dyslexia?

  7. The metacognitive approach, useful for dyslexic students, is all about learners:

  8. How can IT support dyslexic students in foreign language learning?

  9. An example of a multi-sensory activity is:

  10. Phonological awareness is an ability: