The first ever online, fully automated and institutionally administered progress test. Progress accurately measures student progress in English, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching.

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About Progress

An online test package that can be used with adult and young adult courses.


Rigorous tests can be conveniently taken at the institution or at home.

Time Saving

Ready-made and automatically scored test, including speaking and writing sections, saves you time.

Rapid Results

Adaptive test delivers faster yet more precise results while offering a unique test experience.

Objective & Reliable

A standardised package of 3 tests that allows uniform testing and comparison of results to improve learning outcomes.


Scored on Global Scale of English and empirically aligned to the CEFR to accurately measure small amounts of progress within a CEFR band.

Informs Learning

Score reports by skill highlight strengths and weaknesses to help students and teachers focus learning.


6 levels available now.

How to use Progress

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Common questions
about automated scoring
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“Our automated scoring technology is trusted by academic institutions and border agencies across the world and is used for the internationally recognised PTE Academic.”
Read more about the test, its reliability, validity, and what scores mean. Test information booklet


For each of the 3 tests, students receive an overall score, a score for each of the 4 skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – and scores for grammar and vocabulary.

Progress is scored on the Global Scale of English, a scale from 10 to 90 that measures English language ability. The scale enhances the CEFR by showing a learner’s level more precisely within a CEFR band.

The Global Scale of English is currently used to score learners on the internationally recognised English Language Test, PTE Academic. The globally recognised standard is used by academic institutions and border agencies for visa requirements.

Score Converter

The handy score converter allows you to compare Progress and PTE Academic scores on the Global Scale of English to other recognised

* Score comparisons are only an estimation of equivalent scores, and cannot be taken as a guarantee of an actual score on any external test.

Your estimated score is: --
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The Global Scale of English is valid and reliable. Download the report
The Global Scale of English empirically aligns to the CEFR. Read our research paper

Research & Efficacy


The questions in Progress have been developed by international teams of writers who are very experienced in writing assessment questions. A field test has been conducted involving almost 4500 learners in 18 different countries to ensure they accurately measure a student’s level.

An adaptive algorithm ensures that the questions selected for a learner are suitable for their level. Progress uses automated scoring, including the scoring of speaking and writing items. Scoring is objective and consistent wherever or whenever Progress is taken.

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Why integrated skills?

What people are saying about Progress...

“The Progress test is very different from all the other tests out there. It is really very, very interesting.” -Customer from Poland arc
“Progress is simple and convenient. It can be used for predicting performance on our national exam.” -Customer from South Korea arc
“We are very interested in the product because it would be good to have something external, that is tested, piloted, and has validity which our internal tests don’t have.” -Customer from Spain arc
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