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Pearson English Interactive is an online course to help busy adults improve all four skills to become better communicators using International English.

Access Pearson English Interactive whenever you want to: from any computer or tablet – at work, at home, in a café – anywhere.

It’s simple and convenient to use so you can spend your time checking students’ grades and assigning homework, quizzes and tests.

Save time tracking your students' results. View their reports (including time on task), course grade book and scores for activities, quizzes and tests online at a glance or in detail.

Want to skip an activity? Don’t like a quiz? Your class is ambitious and they want to do EVERYTHING. Done, done, and done – at the click of a button. Customize your course syllabus to meet your class needs.

Engage your students with hours of interactive videos where they listen and repeat or play a role in conversation and dialogue. In Levels 3 and 4, an ongoing drama which might even get you hooked as you watch the unfolding story.

There's no need to worry about assessing your students speaking and writing in the classroom. Listen to their digital recordings, check their written work and assess their level of achievement - all online.

The author talks about his approach to teaching

Michael Rost on Pearson English Interactive Michael Rost on acquiring a new language



Find out your Students' level with the Automatic Self-study Placement Test or the innovative Institutional Placement Test.

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What is the Institutional Placement Test?

The Institutional Placement Test enables you to place students easily and quickly at the correct level within your institution. Click here to find out details.


GSE : 12-29

CEFR : A1- to A1

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GSE : 28-43

CEFR : A1 to A2+

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GSE : 40-59

CEFR : A2+ to B1+

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GSE : 56-67

CEFR : B1+ to B2

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Michael Rost (Levels 1-4)

Michael Rost, principal author of Pearson English Interactive, has been active in the areas of language teaching, learning technology and language acquisition research for over 25 years. His interest in bilingualism and language education began in the Peace Corps in West Africa and was fuelled during his 10 years as an educator in Japan and extensive touring as a lecturer in East Asia and Latin America. Formerly on the faculty of the TESOL programs at Temple University and the University of California, Berkeley, Michael now works as an independent researcher, author, and speaker based in San Francisco.

Michael is the author of critically acclaimed works on second language development, including Teaching and Researching Listening (Routledge) and Active Listening (Routledge), Dr. Rost’s interests focus on spoken interaction and listening. He is also author or series editor of a number of successful EFL/ESL courses, including the global coursebooks series Worldview and English Firsthand, as well as the academic listening series, Contemporary Topics (Pearson).

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Marjorie Fuchs (Levels 3 & 4)

Marjorie Fuchs has taught ESL at New York City Technical College and LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York, and EFL at the Sprach Studio Lingua Nova in Munich, Germany. She has a master’s degree in Applied English Linguistics and a certificate in TESOL from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.


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The first ever online, fully automated and institutionally administered progress test. Progress accurately checks and assesses students' performance in English, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching.


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