What is FOCUS?

  • a five-level upper secondary course
  • exams oriented learning path for state and private school students
  • a course structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning
  • a unique approach to teaching and learning vocabulary
  • clear and intuitive lessons allowing teachers to teach-off-the-page
  • a course closely aligned to Global Scale of English learning objectives

Focus on 3ms

FOCUS methodology is built around the 3Ms – MOTIVATION, MEMORY and MEANING.
These key concepts underpin the benefits of the course for learners and signal its pedagogical effectiveness to teachers.


  • topics, texts and tasks that engage students both intellectually and emotionally
  • constant reference to students' life experiences and the things they aspire to
  • language is brought to life through grammar animations, interactive videos and culturally relevant clips


  • unique approach to vocabulary acquisition via the Word Store
  • language acquisition is driven by careful recycling of vocabulary and grammar
  • exam skills are reinforced by Cambridge and PTE General practice booklets


  • content students want to read, listen and talk about
  • every exercise is relevant to students’ lives
  • frequent personalisation ensures students' engagement every step of the way

Focus on exams

FOCUS offers targeted development of exam skills. Starting from the very first level of the course students are offered
regular exposure to EXAM-TYPE TASKS and exam reference.

Focus Pearson


occur in all 4 skills lessons and include practice
of all common exam-type tasks.


include a review of grammar, vocabulary
and an integrated practice of four skills.
They have been developed to mirror
exam task styles.


for Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking
and Use of English are available at the back of the Workbook.


with practical support for the Speaking and Writing productive skills are also available in the exam format.


provide regular opportunities to try exam-style tasks in a low stakes test environment.

Focus on vocabulary

One of the unique features of FOCUS is its approach to learning and retention of vocabulary.
The course offers the Word Store - a vocabulary practice booklet with a wide variety of exercises and a unique method of involving learners actively in recording new words and phrases.

1. Exercise A from the Vocabulary lesson refers to exercise A in the Word Store which gives extra practice for key vocabulary and collocations.
2. Exercise B from the Vocabulary lesson refers to exercise B in the Word Store which gives extra practice for key vocabulary and collocations.
3. Exercise C from the Vocabulary lesson refers to exercise C in the Word Store which gives extra practice for key vocabulary and collocations.
4. Exercises D provide additional practice to the key vocabulary from the Listening lesson.
5. Exercises E provide additional practice to the key vocabulary from the Reading lesson.

Focus on unit walkthrough

FOCUS offers a one page – one lesson approach with clear colour coding for
each section to help students and teachers navigate the unit.

Focus Pearson

Focus on 21st century skills

Teaching upper secondary students to use English confidently in the 21ST Century
is no longer a special feature for an ELT course - it is an essential one.

Focus Pearson


Focus Pearson

environmental literacy

Focus Pearson

study skills

Focus Pearson

financial and economic literacy

Focus Pearson

critical thinking skills

Focus Pearson


Focus Pearson


Focus Pearson

global citizenship

Focus Pearson

health literacy

  • Find out how 21ST Century Learning is embedded throughout FOCUS Check out PDF

FOCUS on assessment

The Focus Assessment Package provides a wide range of tests which can be used at different points in the course. Each level includes:

  • One placement test
  • Sixteen A and B Grammar Quizzes
  • Eight A and B Vocabulary Quizzes
  • Eight A and B Unit Tests
  • Four A and B Review Tests
  • One A and B End-of-year test
Focus Pearson

The tests provide regular opportunities to try exam-style tasks in a low stakes test environment.


FOCUS is a five-level upper secondary course designed to align with the learning objectives
of the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework.

Gse Table
Global Scale of English

Language development in FOCUS is carefully mapped to the GLOBAL SCALE OF ENGLISH (GSE). Each exercise in each unit of each level refers specifically to a Can-Do statement from the GSE adult syllabus and a specific GSE band. The GSE helps students and teachers measure exactly where they are in their learning journey, and by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, it enables them to pinpoint exactly what they need to do next.

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Components for teachers

teacher's book

Focus Pearson
  • full Students’ Book pages in colour, with overprinted answers
  • practical teaching tips and extra resources to supplement each unit


Focus Pearson
  • bundled with the Teacher’s Book
  • grammar animations with additional exercises
  • interactive speaking videos
  • teacher’s resources
  • test programme

class audio cd

Focus Pearson
  • all the listening activities from the Student’s Book
  • recordings for students available on


Focus Pearson
  • offline Interactive Whiteboard Software Tool
  • interactive Student’s Book activities
  • audio bank
  • teacher’s resources
  • videos: grammar animations and interactive speaking videos
  • games bank

course videos

Grammar animations

The animated videos which accompany the course can be used to present, consolidate and review the major grammar points from each level of the course. Each video is attractively presented and aids understanding of meaning and use better.

Focus Pearson

Key language and structures from the grammar lessons are used in context in the videos, showing students how they are used in real life situations.

Focus Pearson

Each video is accompanied by a teacher’s commentary, where the grammar point is clearly explained.

Interactive speaking videos

Interactive speaking videos accompany most of the speaking lessons, making them more attractive and dynamic. The goal of these videos is to help students focus on and practise functional language in everyday situations. Each video includes 3 parts:

1. Complete conversation is acted out, setting the context for students to see the language in use.

Focus Pearson

2. Character A acts out a shorter version of the conversation, the other half remains silent and timed – this gap gives students an opportunity to play the role of character B by performing their lines.

Focus Pearson

3. Students swap roles to act out the character B part.

Focus Pearson

Focus on teacher's resources

FOCUS offers a variety of resources for teachers to adapt to their teaching styles, students’ needs or extra teaching time available.
These include:

  • extra photocopiable vocabulary and grammar activities
  • gapped Students’ Book texts
  • test yourself pairwork activities
  • activities providing support for the speaking and writing tasks from the Focus Review sections
  • tests and quizzes

Focus on students' resources

Extra resources for students, including audio resources and videos, can be found on a student dedicated website:

pearson progress test

PEARSON PROGRESS TESTS, as an optional addition to FOCUS corpus, is a standardised packages of three tests that allow uniform testing and comparison of results to improve learning outcomes and accurately show learners’ progress.

Progress is scored on Global Scale of English and empirically aligned to the CEFR to accurately measure small amounts of progress within a CEFR band. The test reports overall scores and scores by skill, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to help students and teachers focus learning.

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why choose Focus?

FOCUS is a great example of a course that can be TAUGHT OFF-THE-PAGE.
This means very little extra preparation is required on the part of the teacher

1. Teacher’s Book includes 90% of students’ book page size in full colour.
2. Longer answers are given in the margin box.
3. All the answers are provided in the gap, overwritten in red.
4. Handy guide to all resources available for the lesson includes: reference to extra activities, exact reference to the material in the Workbook, homework suggestions, culture notes.

Focus on authors

Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones are recognised worldwide for their meaningful, student-centred courses and pragmatic attitude towards teaching. To them, a good ELT course is one that is reliable, flexible and credible for both teachers and students.

Focus Pearson
Focus Pearson
Focus Pearson

The FOCUS course and all its components are a product of the hard work of a wider team of authors. They are: Daniel Brayshaw, Marta Umińska, Dominika Chandler, Patricia Reilly, Bartosz Michałowski, Beata Trapnell, Ben Goldstein, Monica Berlis, Heather Jones.

perfect partners

  • FOCUS exam practice booklets
    Extra booklets with extensive practice for Cambridge English and PTE General exams

  • Progress Test
    Online, fully automated and institutionally administered progress test that measures student progress in English, highlights strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching.

  • PTE General
    The Pearson Test of English General is recognised globally, accepted by employers and national education authorities in many countries as evidence of a required level of English. Check how FOCUS correlates to PTE General:

  • MyGrammarLab
    A 3 level series that takes students from elementary to advanced level grammar through a unique blend of book, online and mobile resources.

  • Pearson English Readers
    Graded readers across 13 genres and 7 levels for the fun of reading at any stage of language proficiency, Pearson English Readers offer some of the most famous films, novels and non-fiction tales in the world.


Online Workbook that provides additional motivating material for self-study and allows teachers instant access to their students’ scores.

Focus Pearson


  • contains the same material as the paper Workbook in an interactive format
  • contains all the video content of course
  • has self-check and remediation functionality to save teachers time
  • allows students to monitor their own progress
  • is intuitive and easy to use
  • requires an Internet connection
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