Content & Language Integrated Learning

What is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)?

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) refers to teaching content, such as geography, science or art, to students through the medium of a foreign language. It is both a language lesson and a content lesson combined. A successful CLIL lesson incorporates elements of the four Cs: content, communication, cognition and culture.

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‘It can be very successful in enhancing the learning of languages and other subjects, and developing in the youngsters a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards themselves as language learners.’ Marsh, 2000

A successful CLIL lesson incorporates elements of the four Cs:

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What are the benefits?

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    CLIL builds confidence and helps students to progress more quickly because they are motivated to learn what you are teaching them.

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    CLIL develops academic success as the use of academic vocabulary and critical thinking skills helps strengthen students’ efficacy and improve their chances of success across the curriculum.

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    CLIL broadens students’ perspective through the combination of language, culture and elements from the real world, which helps expand cultural and real-world knowledge.

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    CLIL provides a sense of achievement because students are talking and writing about complex material in English, giving them a real sense of progress and accomplishment.

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