Assessment for Learning

What is Assessment for Learning

Assesment for Learning principles help students improve by encouraging them to understand the goals of each lesson and where they stand in relation to those goals. Feedback provided along the learning path is both clear and constructive and builds students` confidence that they can achieve the goals. Above all, Assessment for Learning is grounded in the firm knowledge that all learners can improve and should achieve their full potential.

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Using Assessment for Learning enables every child to know how they are doing, where they are going and how they are supposed to get there. Meanwhile, every teacher is equipped with the tools to deliver ongoing accurate assessment for measuring results.

What are the benefits?

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    Learners can take active progress checks that may involve self-assessment and peer assessment.

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    Teachers and students review, challenge, reflect and modify goals together.

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    Teachers provide feedback to students to inform their learning plans and encourage awareness.

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    Assessments take into consideration the whole learner, includinglearning styles, feelings and barriers to understanding.

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    Assessments enourage students to be responsible for their own learning and create and 'I can' attitude.

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    Lesson Goals are shared with the students so that they understand their goals.


When students are clearly involved in this form of classroom assessment, they become more aware of their strengths, and they feel a much stronger sense of accomplishment when goals are met. Students are also empowered by the knowledge and awareness of the areas for improvement, and by the belief that they have the power to do something about it.

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